Mittwoch, 23. Februar 2011

I Will Not Be Told: Stephen Fry's Speech At Harvard

(from science 2.0)

"...To be told is to wallow in revealed truths.  Bibles and similar religious texts are all about revealed truths which cannot be questioned, and the origins of which require the readers to make many assumptions.  And it was even worse in the dark times of religious book control and illiteracy in which you might not even be allowed to read the book--you have to get the mediated verbal account from someone supposedly holier than you... Discovered truths, on the other hand, are not told.  Of course somebody could tell you a discovered truth, but if you don't trust them you can question it.  Discovered truths can be discussed.  They can be questioned and tested.... "

Hit me the first time, when reading Wieland - or was it Lessing -. About believing without any question into a (badly written and communicated) narrative of things that happened thousand and some years ago.While having problems with the radio report on the rush hour (" just cant believe these dudes anymore...")

That's why my penchant for Sokrates: his middle name was curiousity.

ASK sauthon!

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