Sonntag, 22. April 2012

Firefox SL - a look into the rearview mirror

Here the last half a year or so of data, culled from the biweekly l10 metrics reports.

What I see in these diagrams

  • Blocklist FX - SL locale: solid long-term level, with the Christmas and  New Year knick and possibly a slight downtrend lately.
  • Blocklists - past Fx versions: getting users move to Version 8 was a hard battle. Judge yourself, if it was won or lost. The version mix exhibits a nice, regular pattern since.
  • Downloads -  past Fx versions:the reluctance to move to the 6-week cycle is pretty much evident here. After the initial hype with version 8  the number of downloads has dropped drastically (due to addon and plugin problems I would say). The total number of downloads per version, however, seems to be on the rise.
In any case, we need back those users on the left of the downloads diagram. Maybe they are waiting for the Mobile Fx in SL locale. It's coming in version 12,

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